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A World Without Fear

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Joel Fleiss, long time PMI-LA chapter member and founder of EPPORA has written a fictional book.  


     9/11. The events of the day ripped away any sense of security, replacing it with fear and rage. Take thirteen-year-old Bret Johnson; his parents snatched away, his life forever changed. Bret vowed to avenge his parents’ death. He was only thirteen.

     Over the next two decades, Bret graduates from Stanford with degrees in computer science and criminology. Climbs the professional tennis ranking and meets the love of his life, Suzanne. Just days away from competing in the Wimbledon finals, Bret and Suzanne return to their hotel after a night out, and hell breaks out. They walk in on a robbery. Bret protects Suzanne and gets shot in the arm. The thieves scramble, taking Suzanne hostage.

     His parents’ death, all the anxiety and fear years, Suzanne’s abduction-it crystallizes an idea for Bret and answers his earlier question: What could he do? He decides to act. “A World Without Fear,” tells a gripping, tense and romantic novel, while providing a clear path to eradicating future terrorist acts.



“Fleiss has thought deeply, long and hard about the nature of terrorism and peace in the modern world. He has some provocative and powerful things to say about this important issue, and he’s clever enough to do it by setting his thoughts in the context of an entertaining and engaging narrative. Read this book; enjoy the story and start to think a little differently about terrorism in our world.”

Richard Krevolin, Adjunct Professor UCLA and USC


“With his debut novel, Joel Fleiss tackles a colossal question: How can we effectively and preemptively combat, and diminish, acts of terrorism? Mr. Fleiss has funneled into the book his interest in criminology, his expertise in business planning, and his love of tennis. The outcome is a story unlike any I have read before. For the answer to the question, read A World Without Fear.”

M.J. Hamada, English and writing instructor at Santa Monica College


“I did not know Joel could weave such a meaningful, suspenseful, romantic novel about:

  • How the world could resolve the terrorist issue,
  • Specifying a blueprint for how vital teamwork is in building a successful company,
  • How firms can move forward when unexpected events make achieving their goals challenging.

“A World Without Fear” is an easy, entertaining read which I highly recommend for nearly any reader concerned with terrorism and the powers within the United Nations to take heed of what Mr. Fleiss recommends.”

Andrea White, Professor of English at California State University Dominguez Hills.


Author’s Bio

Mr. Fleiss’ main attributes throughout his life have been his competitiveness, creativity, and ability to solve challenging problems expeditiously. He formed and was CEO of three software-tool companies during his forty-five-year business career. He grew his first company from himself to forty-eight software engineers. From 1992 to 2007 after selling his companies, he was a project management consultant, forming and directing project offices before retiring. 

Mr. Fleiss is a member of the Project Management Institute and has had his Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate since 2004. He co-founded the first project management book club in the United States and was the chairperson for over eight years. Mr. Fleiss was responsible for all three of his company’s product designs, user and marketing documentation and managed the successful implementation of over two dozen software products.  He was also responsible for all product sales.

“A World Without Fear” is Mr. Fleiss’s third book. He wrote a project management book, “ABCs of Project Management,” which UCLA published for a course he taught at the university. He also wrote a tennis book “Gaining the Competitive Edge.”

Mr. Fleiss graduated with an Economics degree from the University of California at Los Angeles. After college, he became a software engineer, developing compilers, macro assemblers, link editors, debuggers, utilities, and real-time operating systems. Mr. Fleiss has published articles in popular computer journals and has been an invited speaker at numerous computer and project management conferences. He has four children; all college graduates, an intelligent, beautiful wife, and is a reasonably accomplished competitive tennis player, ranked as high as number three in his age division in Southern California.


Both the Paperback ($14.99) and Kindle version ($9.99) can be found at Amazon.com at the link below :

Amazon: A World Without Fear    


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