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AI Insights: Dine + Connect for Information Technology Professionals

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Practical Applications of AI for Productivity and Competition

Come join AITP for a great evening of networking and meeting new friends. Hear our speakers share practical applications of how AI is being used by organizations. Our panel of experts will share use cases of how companies are using AI system applications to be more productive and competitive.

Date: Thursday, May 16th, 2024
Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Pacific) Networking, Panel Discussion and Q&A
Place: Accenture 1003 East 4th Place Los Angeles, CA 90013

Registration in advance IS REQUIRED.


About our Speakers

Jon Morra is the Chief AI Officer at Zefr, a company focused on understanding social media content for brand advertisers.

In this role Jon leads machine learning, data science, and content policy. Previously, Jon was the Chief Data Scientist where he helped create and implement a variety of machine learning models to understand YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook content. Before Zefr, Jon was the Director of Data Science at eHarmony where he helped create many of the matching models using machine learning.

Jon has a Ph.D. from UCLA in Biomedical Engineering, and a BSE also in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins.

Data science is an incredibly fast-moving field. Right now, Zefr is focused on both short-term wins in generative AI including summarization of social media content and long term goals including content moderation at scale. Jon’s passion lies at the intersection of human processes such as the implementation of complex trust and safety policies, generative AI, and cost effective large scale training and inference of ML models to replicate these human processes.

Learn more at https://zefr.com/

Reza Rasool is the founder and CEO of Kwaai, a non-profit developer community democratizing AI.

Prior to Kwaai, as the CTO of RealNetworks, he guided the technology strategy that pivoted RealNetworks from its streaming media roots to becoming a leader in AI. He created two AI divisions, SAFR and Kontxt, and steered the company from a declining public corporation to a valuable private entity.

His pioneering innovations range from digital movie editing systems that earned Technical Oscar and Emmy awards, the world first VOD server, to cochlear implants and bionic eyes. His serial start-up career includes two exits to Google.
Reza gained a B.Sc. in Physics from King's College London, has numerous patents, several papers published and remains a significant code contributor.
He is a husband and father of four boys who loves to cook, write, and paint.

Kwaai is a nonprofit AI Lab whose mission is to democratize Artificial Intelligence by:
• developing Personal AI that you own and operate,
• researching Fundamental AI for smarter, faster, greener models,
• drafting AI Policy aligned with human values.

AI’s exponential growth entails significant risk of a dystopian outcome. Kwaai’s mission is to democratize AI via a grass-roots, volunteer, open-source movement to resist the oligopoly that’s concentrating wealth and disempowering individuals.

Think of Kwaai as the “Linux of AI.” Learn more at https://www.kwaai.ai/


Association of Information Technology Professionals LA (AITP-LA) meets in West LA with a focus on keeping members abreast of trends and best practices in managing technology, and providing strong networking opportunities.

AITP-LA is about technology – bringing experts in their field to share cutting-edge ideas with members. Helping members connect the dots, take the next steps, grow in their ability to apply technologies to competitive advantage.

AITP-LA is part of a national organization that provides leadership, professional development, certification and personal growth opportunities to IT managers and technologists. The core of the AITP experience is the chapter network, with 400 professional and student chapters throughout the country.


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