Earn PDUs and Be a Better Communicator


  • PMI-LA Chapter PMPs earn valuable PDUs while improving important communications skills


  • PMI-LA Chapter PMPs and their Toastmaster Club sign-off on qualifying activities
  • LA Project Masters submits PMP's PDUs earned at meetings to the PMI-LA Membership contact. PMI-LA approves the PDU requests and submits them to PMI headquarters.


  • PMPs must keep a copy of a signed activity log in case PMI wishes to audit their claims to PDUs
  • PMI Los Angeles Chapter may conduct periodic and unannounced audits of the PMI Club to ensure that rules are being adhered to

PDUs - Earn one and half (1.5) PDUs per full hour and half of qualified activity in the meeting
To claim PDUs the attending PMP must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Be a PMI Los Angeles Chapter member in good standing
  • Be a LA Project Master Toastmaster in good standing
  • Participate in at least one qualifying activity at an LA Project Masters meeting
  • Must stay for the entire duration of the meeting