2022 Volunteer Recognition Awards

At the end of each year, we hold a (virtual) celebration to thank all our volunteers for their service to the LA Chapter. We also give out awards to honor individuals and teams that have made a significant positive impact on the Chapter.  This year the awards go to: 

Individual Volunteer Award: Beth Sassoon

sassoon-beth-200x200.jpgThe LA Chapter was without a VP of Finance, so Beth stepped up to help out a lot. Not only did she help train a new Accounts Receivables volunteer but continued to help a very new Finance team throughout the year. Her insights were valuable to the smooth running of our finances.  Beth has met the new VP of Finance and has committed to helping again in 2023.  In addition, Beth collaborated with other cross functional teams. She volunteered with the Operations Team where she gathered and finalized on-boarding documentation for both the Membership and Programs Teams.
Congratulations Beth and thank you for going above and beyond to support the Chapter!

Individual Volunteer Award: Diane Gloor

gloor-diane-200x200.jpgDiane continued this year to be the lead Mailchimp (email) technical person on the Marketing & Communications Team. Since COVID she has proven to be very adaptable, such as coming up with creative ways to NOT spam our members. She reaches out to other VPs (Career Development and Programs) if she needs clarification, and recently worked with the incoming VP of Programs on a survey to get more information on Flagship Meeting attendance. A great example of innovation and cross functional collaboration.
Congratulations Diane and thank you for going above and beyond to support the Chapter!

Team Volunteer Award: Merlyn Reeves & Noel Balacuit

Merlyn (Mern) and Noel, from the Programs Team, worked together and organized a new multi-chapter collaborative program that increased membership engagement and events attendance by 70%. They also planned, held, and provided technical support for collaborative events, with more than 150 participants, involving five PMI Chapters across the USA. Great kudos for the LA Chapter.
Congratulations Mern & Noel and thank you for going above and beyond to support the Chapter!


Mern Reeves

Noel Balacuit

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Team Volunteer Award: Finance Team

Finance Team: Beth Sassoon, Kristina Kreter, Eliana Reynoso

The Finance Team is small but mighty. As there was no VP of Finance this year, the team stepped up and helped book the Receivables and Payables, making it easier to keep the books up to date this year. They are often the backend team, but without them, the books would not be as current as they are today. They play a crucial role in ensuring the LA Chapter keeps on budget with income & expenses and submits the taxes on time.
Great job Beth, Kristina and Eliana for making a significant impact to the LA Chapter!


Beth Sassoon


Kristina Kreter

Eliana Reynoso

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Team Volunteer Award: Marketing Team

Marketing Team: Diane Gloor, Darci Oltman, Judy Patterson, Tessa Gonzalez, Pensee Bo,
Maya Rozhansky, Michelle Covey, Beth Massura, Lindiwe Stenberg , Tracy Bader, Hilda Elliott, Rose 

The Marketing Team is a very self-sufficient group, and they had to be as they were without a
VP this year. The Marketing machine is well oiled, and the team knows their functions and gets down to brass tacks every week. They ensure that, not only does the marketing message get out, but they also proof the content and ensure that our messages are cohesive, and our brand intact
and professional. They ensure that all events are promoted in a timely manner across all communication channels. The team has held together remarkably well and are already seeding volunteers for 2023.
Great job Diane, Darci, Judy, Tessa, Pensee, Maya, Michelle, Beth, Lindiwe, Tracy, Hilda and Rose for making a significant impact to the LA Chapter!

Diane Gloor


Darci Oltman


Judy Patterson


Tessa Gonzales


Maya Rozhansky


Michelle Covey


Beth Massura


Lindiwe Stenberg


Tracy Bader


Hilda Elliott

Pensee Bo

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