A strategic plan is meant to guide the management of our chapter over the next three to five years. It establishes our mission, vision, values, and strategic objectives.

Every year our Board of Directors and Trustees review the Chapter's Strategic Plan to make sure that our objectives serve our members and that we are fully aligned with PMI's Strategic Plan.

We completed our most recent strategic planning session in June 2017, and the Strategic Plan was officially approved in August 2017 with the following five objectives:

  1. Establish a Volunteer Management Plan
  2. Improve the Chapter's Technology
  3. Establish a Career Services Program
  4. Expand Membership Engagement
  5. Develop a Program to Increase Awareness of Formal Project Management

Click here to read the 2023 Strategy Meeting Notes

Past Strategic Plans

Click here to download the full 2017-2020 PMI-LA Strategic Plan